How can I access support from the food bank? 

You need to be referred by one of our referral agencies. This is because we want to ensure that you receive access to all the help you are entitled to. If you need to know more, please email


Do you offer anything else other than food?

We offer toilet roll and toiletries. Sometimes we can offer dog/cat food - see below for more details. 


Where do I collect food parcels from and which days are you open?

We have 2 collection mornings, 9.30 – 11.30am Tuesdays and Fridays. You can collect from Petersfield Methodist Church, 6 Station Road, Petersfield GU32 3EB.

East entrance only [double glass doors at the end of the building by the steps]. Please don’t use the entrance facing Station Road.


Can you tell me where to park to pick up food packs / drop off donations?

There are usually some parking spaces available next to the church, otherwise it is a short walk to the main car park in Petersfield. It is also possible to park for a short time in front of the steps to the church if you are just collecting food packs or dropping off donations.  


If my usual collecting day is Tuesday can I come on a Friday instead? 

Yes. There is no need to let us know.


How can I be sure that my details remain confidential? 

We follow the UK General Data Protection Regulations [UK GDPR] & the Data Protection Act 2018 in the way we process personal information.


I have dietary requirements - allergies, severe intolerances etc. Can you still help me?

We will do our best to accommodate this but we can’t guarantee the food we will have in stock.


I have pets - can they be supported too?

Yes we have dog or cat food when it is available. Because we rely on donations it is not always possible to offer this. We are unable to offer food for other pets.


I have been given vouchers to buy fresh food from Petersfield market. Can you explain the procedure please. 

We use two market stalls, the fruit and veg stall and the eggs, cheese & bread etc. stall. Market days are on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, usually ending around early afternoon. You choose what you would like, to the value of the voucher, and no change is given. If you are over or under the amount, the stall holders will tell you and you can adjust what you want to buy.


Is there a time limit to using fresh food vouchers from Petersfield Market?

Yes, they are valid for one calendar month from the date of issue.


What sort of items are usually in a food pack?

We try to give an assortment of tinned, dried and packet foods. We can’t offer fresh, chilled or frozen food.


What do I do if I don’t want certain items?

You can return them to us.


How can I donate money?

Donations can be given two ways; online with - PACT Food Bank CIO 1193002 or by bank transfer – please email for details on how to do this


How can I drop off donations of tinned, dried or packet food?

There are various local drop boxes in Petersfield. Please see our DONATE page for full details.